Argonaut on H

Friendly neighborhood restaurant and bar where H Street meets Maryland Ave., NE. A high-energy staff, a homey feel, and a nautical attitude come together to make Argonaut a great place for an evening out. Come be a part of the H Street Renaissance!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Our own infused rum

Picture 001
We infuse Appleton Estates rum with fresh fruit to create a wild tropical sensation in drinkable form. Fruit pending on our mood.

Panama hats are back at the Arrggh!

Panama hats 003

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Argo goes ORANGE

Just Kidding:)

Original exposed brick!

Picture 016

Playing games

Picture 019

"Arrggh's" Bar on a slow night

Picture 018
Where is everyone?!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

New Kid on the Block

Argonaut is open for business, and now our blog is, too. Make sure to check in here from time to time to hear about special events, new additions to our menu, and other exciting things to come. Located at the corner of H Street and Maryland Avenue, NE, Argonaut represents the first of what we know will be many restaurants and entertainment establishments catering to neighbors and friends from all over.

If you haven't stopped by to welcome us to the neighborhood yet, please do! You'll be glad you did...and so will we!

Since opening on Thursday, we at Argonaut have had such a huge positive response from the neighborhood and surrounding areas. All of us working here were hoping to create a place where folks could come and enjoy the atmosphere (including the pukey green), each other, and of course the scrumptious food. So far so good :) We're really happy to be here sharing this experience with you. Thank you to everyone who came out for our opening and we hope to see the rest of you soon!